Three Times a Decade: Asking for Advice

Three Times a Decade: Asking for Advice (3xD:AfA) is a para-site created for the reflection of my artistic research project Three Times a Decade (3xD) taking place primarily on YouTube. I have published since 03/13/2020 a daily video diary episode from the years 1990, 2000 and 2020, and the daily uploads are planned to continue in Youtube for ten years. In this way, a microhistorical narrative is created by the continuum of three parallel video timelines. According to a comment by a viewer, the daily episode is a “historical hopscotch from decade to decade”.

3xD:AfA will function as a performance and discussion platform to reflect on the process by which the temporal continuities of video unfold. At this platform I practice research publicly and invite people to participate in it. The project is applying the method of my doctorate (2017), Generational Filming, in the internet context. Asking for Advice (2005–2008) was the prelude to the method, a live-dubbed performance where we literally asked for advice on what to do with our video diary.

During the on-line exhibition my YouTube channel is supplemented with daily video sections. 3xD:AfA is a platform where I organize virtual and later streamed live events and discussions.It provides access to the various outputs, stages, and discussions of the research process.During the conference, a video installation based on the on-line exhibition will be on display, as well as a live event in the exhibition space.