Three Times a Decade: Asking for Advice

Three Times a Decade: Asking for Advice (3xD:AfA) is a para-site created for the reflection of my artistic research project Three Times a Decade (3xD) taking place primarily on YouTube. I have published since 03/13/2020 a daily video diary episode from the years 1990, 2000 and 2020, and the daily uploads are planned to continue in Youtube for ten years. In this way, a microhistorical narrative is created by the continuum of three parallel video timelines. According to a comment by a viewer, the daily episode is a “historical hopscotch from decade to decade”.

Pekka Kantonen is a Finnish media artist and researcher working with socially engaged projects locally, nationally and internationally. Frequently collaborate with Lea Kantonen. Has MF in theatre science, a journalist diploma, and the doctorate in fine arts. Since the early 1980s, his artistic practice has involved co-operation with other artists, schools, museums and different communities both locally and internationally combining art with fieldwork, teaching, research and political action. In these open ended co-operative projects both mediums and goals are discussed. His artistic fieldwork includes an ongoing video diary since 1990, community based art projects with Wixárika and Rarámuri in Mexico, Seto in Estonia, and Sámi in Sápmi since the middle 1990s.

Olga Spyropoulou (b. 1985, Athens) is a performance artist and researcher who utilizes disorder as an artistic practice. She is interested in how we relate to each other and experiments with different modalities of spect-actorship and non-hierarchical methodologies.

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